Engineering for the 21st Century is designed to be a resource for teachers and students of all ages who are interested in learning more about the fascinating fields of engineering. Discover how teachers became “engineers” by learning from practicing engineers and how they applied their learning experiences in their classrooms to bring real world knowledge to their students. Explore how to add engineering to your classroom.

The four main sections include:Penstock Pipe Construction

  • Engineers in Action: Read about all the fields and sub-fields of engineering, what you are interested in is most likely a part of engineering. Explore all the engineering firms in the Richmond area that are a part of ACEC/VA and what they do. Contact one of these firms to send an engineer to speak with your class.
  • Teachers as Engineers: The MathScience Innovation Center has an Engineering Fellows Program for teachers to learn from engineers what engineering is all about. Take a virtual field trip to an active engineering site that our teachers produced through the MathScience Innovation Center fellows program.
  • Engineering Materials: Investigate how engineers start with a problem, brainstorm solutions, plan and create, test, and redesign a product that can solve the problem.  Search for Math and Science lessons and activities that fit right into the regular curriculum that also have the added bonus of an engineering connection. All the matching Virginia Math and Science SOL's are listed on each plan. Ask questions or add your resources to our online community.
  • Student Engineering Programs: The MathScience Innovation Center Engineering Fellows were so excited about engineering when they finished the program that they went on to implement Engineering in their schools. Get great teaching tips from these experienced teachers. 

We hope the site can answer most of your engineering curriculum questions such as:

(Each question is a link that will help you with an answer)

  1. 1. How does this fit into my science and math curriculum? All of the lessons and activities can be searched by grade level or core area from the “Instructional Materials” page. Each lesson and activity has the correlated Virginia Standards of Learning and assessment instruments.
  2. 2. How can I show my students what Engineers do?
  3. 3. Can I get an engineer to come and talk to my students?
  4. 4. What other resources for engineering are available to me and my students? Search grade-level matched web and multimedia resources from the "World Wide Resources Page".
  5. 5. What is Engineering? John Mann (Mann and Associates) 
  6. 6. How can I learn from the Engineers? Teachers can enroll in the MathScience Innovation Center’s fellows institutes by contacting the MathScience Innovation Center at 343-6525 or

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