Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials is the ultimate resource for teachers looking to incorporate engineering into their classroom.

  • Visit the Instructional Materials page to search for complete lessons and activities that are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Math, Science, and Technology. Search the MSiC database by core area or grade level or curriculum resource. All lessons and activities include a materials list and assessment object.
  • The World Wide Resources database contains websites, printed materials, videos, virtual field trips, and reference material all to do with engineering. These resources can be searched by educational level or type.
  • Curriculum is the 21st Century curriculum compiled by the MathScience Innovation Center in 2011 from multiple sources including the Massachusetts Science and Technology Engineering Curriculum Framework and the International Technology Education and Engineering Association. The curriculum is aligned with both National and Virginia standards for Math, Science, and Technology. A glossary of terms is included.
  • Design and Build: Learn what design and build means and how it can be put to use in the classroom.
  • Challenges: Teachers who participated in the MSiC Engineering Fellows Programs are required to participate in engineering challenges. Pictures illustrate how these activities can be done with links to the full description of the activity including the materials required to complete it.

  2011 STEM Concepts

The National Academies of Science published in 2011 “A Framework for K-12 Science Education” that describes cross cutting concepts that have application across all the core domains. Explore the MSiC engineering curriculum for guidance to these concepts in Virginia.