Student Programs

Explore programs available to students that are outside the normal instructional day from this tab. Teachers can find tips on how to set up these types of programs from other teachers who have been successful. The teachers who participated in the MSiC Engineering Fellows Programs were encouraged to create engineering programs in their schools. Click on the questions to hear what a teacher “engineer” has to say.

  • Summer camps section: Summer camps section outlines the specifics of how to do set up a summer engineering camp through power points and teacher interviews. View the video clips of Anne Larrick and Eileen Malick as they field questions concerning their summer engineering camps.
  • The Metro Richmond Science Fair participants learn how to apply the science and math they learn in the normal school day to an investigation that can be formally presented.
  • The MathScience Innovation Center provides Saturday and Summer experiences for students to investigate cutting edge engineering, math, and science topics.