Teachers as Engineers

Rockett's Landing Collage

Nominated teachers from the surrounding school districts in the Richmond, Virginia area participate in an Engineering Fellows Program (Institutes) with the ultimate intention of attracting more students into the fields of engineering. The Virginia branch of the American Council of Engineering Companies and the MathScience Innovation Center partnered to provide this opportunity for teachers to learn from practicing engineers.

  • Teacher Institutes page provides daily agenda’s, field trip information, speakers, and expectations for the Engineering Fellows program.
  • Field Trips page opens to a Google map with push pins that indicate the engineering sites that the MSiC teacher engineers explored with the actual engineers from those sites. Each field trip has a detail page that outlines the field trip and lists the correlating VA SOL’s. Video’s with the site engineers, resource links and connecting activities for the classroom are in each detail page. Each virtual field trip is a product of the engineering institutes and the teachers who participated.
  • Presentations page provides access to power points created by the teacher engineers and practicing engineers for student and school presentations.